Here are eight food combinations to be mindful of when eating eggs, along with the reasons why you might want to avoid them:

Citrus Fruits: It's best to avoid combining eggs with citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruits. The acidity of these fruits can potentially curdle the eggs when cooked together.

Sugary Cereals: While eggs can be part of a balanced breakfast, pairing them with highly sugary cereals may not be the healthiest choice. Opt for whole grains or low-sugar cereals when enjoying eggs for breakfast.

Curd: In some culinary traditions, curd and eggs are considered incompatible due to principles from Ayurveda.

Soy Milk: Both eggs and soy milk are rich in protein. Combining them may lead to a protein spike in the body.

Pickled Foods: The strong, tangy flavor of pickled foods might not complement the subtle taste of eggs. Additionally, the spiciness of pickled foods can overpower the egg's flavor.

Red Wine: Eggs. and red wine are not typically a harmonious pairing. The tannins in red wine can clash with the flavors of eggs, resulting in an unpleasant taste sensation

Alcohol: Refrain from consuming raw eggs with alcohol in cocktails like Eggnog, as there is a risk of foodborne illness due to potential salmonella contamination in raw eggs.

Tea: Avoid pairing tea with eggs because the tannins in tea can hinder the absorption of nutrients from eggs. This combination may also cause gas and acidity.