The Six Pillars of Iman

Belief in Allah: Faith in the oneness of Allah, His existence, sovereignty, and attributes. 

Belief in Books: Belief in the divine books revealed by Allah to His prophets, including the Quran as the final and complete revelation. 

Belief in Prophets: Acceptance of all prophets and messengers sent by Allah, including Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, as conveyors of divine guidance. 

Belief in the Day of Judgment: Faith in the resurrection, accountability, and reckoning before Allah on the Day of Judgment. 

Belief in Angels: Acknowledgment of the existence of angels as spiritual beings created by Allah to carry out His commands. 

Belief in Qadar (Divine Decree): Trust in Allah's predestination and divine decree, encompassing both good and bad, as part of His wisdom and knowledge.