Crawfish Season: Spanning from November to June, the Louisiana official state crustacean accompanies iconic dishes like etouffée and backyard boils. However, availability in New Orleans may not be constant throughout this seasonal period.

Shrimp Season: Running from January and then April through November, fresh shrimp is a cornerstone of Southern classics such as shrimp & grits, fried shrimp po' boys, and seafood gumbo. Yet, if you're after the finest catch, avoid the winter and spring months.

Catfish Season: Catfish migration isn't bound to a specific calendar timeframe. Instead, their upstream movement is governed by water temperatures. For a plate of delectable fried catfish or a catfish po' boy, it's best to skip a visit to New Orleans during the winter.

Crab Season: From February to December, blue crab boils are a year-round delight. However, if you crave the tender soft-shell crabs, a visit to New Orleans in the heart of summer is recommended, as this is when they abound and grace menus across the city.

Oyster Season: Oysters are available throughout the year, with their most substantial size during the chilliest waters. Delight in the city's renowned chargrilled oysters on the half shell or indulge in classics like Oysters Rockefeller whenever you visit.

Alligator Season: Gator meat is an evergreen treat, with no specific seasonality. Whether you're savoring fried alligator or indulging in the unique shrimp & alligator sausage cheesecake from Jacques-Imos, every day of the year is the right time.

Gulf Fish Season: Throughout the year, redfish, drum, sheepshead, grouper, and trout take turns as the star "fish of the day" on menus. Embrace culinary exploration when you arrive, and you'll find a bounty of delectable seafood awaiting your palate.