Nose Piercing Care Essentials 

Cleaning – Clean your fresh nose piercing twice a day with warm saline solution to prevent infection.

ools Needed – You'll need saline solution, cotton balls, Q-tips, paper towels, and a small container for the solution.

Aftercare – Clean your piercing at least twice daily with saline solution. – Avoid touching it except for cleaning with clean hands. – Use gentle, unscented soap post-healing and consider moisturization as advised by your piercer.

Risks and Precaution – Potential risks include infection, nasal trauma, and nose shape changes. – Seek medical help for signs of infection. – Healing usually takes 3-6 months. – Change jewelry when fully healed, avoiding it if you experience discomfort. – Keep hands clean, avoid fiddling with jewelry, don't share it, and opt for high-quality materials like surgical-grade steel.