10 things you need to know about copper pots and pans

Copper heats up quickly

Copper is one of the best heay conductors in the metal world.Copper cookware heat up quickly, so unlike cast iron, there is no need to preherat it. In fact, it is not recommended that you heat an empty pan.

Copper heats up evenly

Copper heats ups evenly due to its heat transmitting properties. As a result you won't have to worry about hot spots. Copper cookware is ideal for controlling and maintaining stable temprature.

But don't use too much heat!

If your typical cookware requires medium-high heat, use medium-low heat for your cooper pieces. You don't want to apply too much heat since it could melt the liner if the cookware has a delicate melting lining.

Copper cool down quickly

This is why so many chocolatiers and candy makers use copper pots and pans. Its the ideal substance for manufacturing sweets, as well as delicate proteins such as fish and sauces.

Copper cookware is lined

Copper is a reactive metal, meaning that a metallic flavor could leach into your food. As a result, the majority of copper pots and pans are lined with a non-reactive metal.

Know what your copper cookware is lined with

If you are working with modern items, they're almost certainly lined with stainless steel. However, if you,re utilizing older copper peices, they may have a softer metal lining, such as tin, which requires more care.

A little bits of acidity helps keep the shine

If you're buying older copper cookware or need to tidy up your collection, a little acidity can restore it to new condition. A little lemon juice or vinegar might help restore the luster of your copper.

They are very durable

Copper care is as simple as using wooden untensils when cooking to avoid scratching the lining, not using too much heat, and rubbin g it doen with a little acids every now and then

They are easy to revive

The metal used to line cookware are generally exceedingly robust and corrosion- resistant. If you notice any damage to the tin lining, you may always have your copper pots and pans retinned

They're beautifully designed work of art

Don't keep your pans in a cupboard. Show off your copper cookware collection by hanging them with pride.