Decoding Viral Infections: Navigating Dengue, Flu, and COVID-19 in Changing Seasons

Viral Onslaught in Changing Seasons: Monsoon brings viral illnesses like dengue, flu, and COVID-19. Dengue is prominent this year, with vulnerable groups at risk.

Distinguishing Dengue: Dengue brings high fever (102-103°F), severe headache, and body aches. Skin rashes, fatigue, and sometimes diarrhea differentiate it.

Flu's Unique Traits: Influenza has moderate fever, persistent cough, and runny nose. Body aches and manageable fatigue set it apart.

COVID-19's Complexity: COVID-19 shows milder fever, respiratory distress, and loss of smell/taste. Severity varies from asymptomatic to respiratory distress.

Diagnosing Challenges: Exposure history matters. Dengue fever is distinct with higher fever. Unique symptoms like rashes and loss of smell/taste aid differentiation.

Prioritizing Care: Vigilance and medical consultation are crucial. Avoid antibiotics without guidance. Awareness reduces missed diagnoses, ensuring better outcomes.