Baby Acne Overview: Baby acne is a common and temporary skin condition that affects newborns, often appearing on their face and neck. It typically clears up on its own without leaving lasting scars.

Symptoms and Causes: Baby acne presents as small, inflamed bumps on the baby's face, neck, back, or chest, usually within 2 to 4 weeks of birth. It may be linked to hormonal changes and sensitivity of newborn skin.

Diagnosis and Treatment: Diagnosis is usually straightforward, and treatment is often unnecessary as baby acne is self-limiting. However, if it persists, healthcare providers may recommend medicated creams like antifungals or topical steroids.

1. Home Care: Gently cleanse your baby's skin with warm water and avoid lotions or oils. Promptly clean any food or drool residue. Most cases clear within a few weeks.

Prevention: Baby acne cannot be prevented entirely, but you can reduce its impact by gentle cleansing, prompt cleanup, avoiding greasy products, and refraining from squeezing pimples.

Outlook and When to Seek Help: Baby acne generally has an excellent outlook, with no scarring expected. Consult a healthcare provider if the acne persists or if your baby experiences additional concerning symptoms.