5 Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese (Paneer)

Exceptional Protein Source

Cottage cheese stands as an outstanding source of protein, particularly valuable for vegetarians, owing to its high protein content. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring a well-rounded diet.

Abundant in Calcium

The presence of calcium in cottage cheese supports the maintenance of strong bones and teeth, making it a beneficial addition to your daily calcium intake.

Low-Calorie and Low-Fat Option

Compared to various other dairy products, cottage cheese boasts relatively low calorie and fat levels. It is available in multiple variants, including low-fat and fat-free options, catering to different dietary preferences.

Facilitates Weight Management

Thanks to its substantial protein content and modest calorie count, cottage cheese serves as a valuable ally in weight management efforts. The protein in cottage cheese promotes a sense of fullness, curbing cravings effectively.

Nutrient-Rich Profile

Apart from its protein and calcium content, cottage cheese also delivers a host of essential nutrients, including phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin (vitamin B2), and vitamin B12.